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Welcome to Mainstream Green Solutions Online!

How to conserve energy while generating annual returns in excess of 10% for residential solar energy solutions and 20% for commercial solar energy projects?

Mainstream Green Solutions in Tennessee offers a variety of power solar solutions for your home or office. Thanks to both government incentives and low production costs, solar technology provides a secure financial investment by reducing electricity costs, potentially eliminating your electric bill for up to 50 years.

We offer only North American made or European solar panels to ensure quality. Mainstream Green is a BBB Member and recipient of Jackson TN COC’s 2010 Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Emerging Business. With an extensive resume of residential and commercial clients, all of our customers have exceeded our projected production rates. We are also offering solar power energy systems for emergancy backup as well.

Thank you for taking the time to consider an investment in solar. Mainstream Green makes “going green” as easy as possible. We offer a free site analysis and system quote. If a grant is available for your project, Mainstream will handle any and all required paperwork. Please visit our solar power systems project page for a complete viewing of our solar energy work.

Go Green!

Going green, saving money, and helping the enviroment has never been easier! Contact us today for a free site analysis to see how we can help you save!

Save Money!

Not only is it important to save money by taking advantage of Government incentives, but to also help keep the Earth Green!